The 20I6 EyeEm Photography Festival

For those revolutionizing photography, technology & visual communication

Now in its third year, The EyeEm Festival celebrates today’s emerging talents and explores what’s next in photography. Through keynotes, workshops, and the EyeEm Awards exhibition and winner celebration, we bring together some of the world’s leading experts in photography, art and technology to inspire you to push your craft in new directions.

At night, you’ll be the first to see the 2016 Finalists Exhibition and celebrate this year’s Awards winners in one big gala show and after party.
The 2016 EyeEm Awards are the world's biggest photo competition with over 270.000 submissions from more than 38.000 photographers this year. 


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PART I: The Conference
Doors open at 11:30 AM 


Keynotes. Interactive. New answers.

More than ever, photography is defined by its social relevance, the visual culture it has helped create, and the technology that makes it all possible. Leading experts will share their insights and explore what's next in photography.

11:30 AM
Doors Open:
Registration for Portfolio Reviews & Interactive Sessions begin

12:30 PM
Opening Remarks

Flo Meissner, CEO & Co-founder, EyeEm
Severin Matusek, VP Community & Festival Director, EyeEm

12:50 PM
Opening Keynote: Creativity, technology and the revolution at our fingertips

Chase Jarvis, Photographer & CEO, Creative Live


1:15 PM
Representation, Manipulation & Trust:
World Press Photo & The Rise of Technology

Lars Boering, Managing Director, World Press Photo
In the 175 years of photography, everybody that resisted technological change have always lost. By using some examples of the World Press Photo contest, Lars will show how important it is to look at these developments and outline that the representation, manipulation and trust in images are also influenced by sociological, psychological and other powers. 

1:30 PM
The Future of Visual Storytelling  

Monica Allende, award-winning photo editor & curator, formerly of The Sunday Times Magazine
Is photojournalism a redundant idea? If so, why? Technology has changed the way we consume journalism, impacting the relationship between the old media platforms and its visual journalists. While not a new concept, "transmedia" gives documentarians the necessary tools to communicate complex stories and adapt to a multi layered narrative beyond the linear.

1:45 PM
Q&A with Lars & Monica

2:00 PM
15 Seconds of Fame

Sam Cannon, multimedia artist & photographer
How to build a career posting gifs and short videos online, and what it means to be an artist in the age of the influencer.   




2:45 PM    
Unearthing Beauty Through AI: EyeEm Vision & The Roll

Ramzi Rizk, CTO & Co-Founder, EyeEm

2:50 PM    
From Static To Dynamic: The Image & Digital Photography

Loïc Baboulaz
Mobile phones combine three technologies that go a long way towards promoting the growth and acceptance of digital photography among the general public: processing power, high resolution and high quality touch-screens. Digital photography enables richer and frequently interactive visualisation. So what's next?    

3:05 PM    
New Patterns for Creation: Applying Machine Learning to Creativity

Samim Winiger, designer & engineer     
In recent years, there has been an explosion of research on the intersection of creativity and AI: systems that paint, write stories, composes music, design objects or build houses. Behind the noise, new patterns for creation are emerging for industry, designers, musicians and artists. 

3:20 PM
Q&A with Loïc & Samim



3:35 PM
Timeless Content: Making Friends in The Digital World

Frederik Frede, Co-founder & Creative Director, Freunde von Freunden
How award-winning online magazine Freunde von Freunden went from design studio to publishing powerhouse - and what’s next in publishing, storytelling and content marketing for brands and individuals.

3:50 PM
The Future of Publishing: Designing for Thoughtful Digital Storytelling 

Noah Rabinowitz, Creative Director, Medium
Expanding the narrative from single images and text into thoughtful, creative, long-form storytelling, Noah will present his vision on the unique opportunities and challenges for online publishers. 

4:05 PM
Q&A with Frederik & Noah

4:20 PM
Everything Starts with an Idea: A Stroll Through The Mind of Mr. Toledano

Phil Toledano, conceptual artist
In the final keynote of the day, conceptual artist and photographer Phil Toledano will present a unique insight into the ideation and creation of his thought-provoking, deeply personal work. With razor sharp wit and a critical eye on our socio-political surroundings, Phil will share his standpoint on what it means to be an artist and photographer today.


PART II: The Grill & Mingle
5 P.M. – 7 P.M.

Break bread. Make friends. Share thoughts.

We'll fire up the BBQ with an ultimate end-of-summer feast. Rub elbows and converse with our speakers, fellow photographers and industry leaders. We guarantee it will fuel you for what comes next. 


PART III: The Portfolio Reviews &
Interactive Sessions

6 P.M. – 8 P.M.

Book your free spot on the day of the Festival! 
First come, first served. Both events will run concurrently.

The Portfolio Reviews

10 reviewers. 40 spots. Meet them.
In an intimate setting, photographers, curators and editors give you valuable feedback on your work, and you can ask questions. Bring your profiles: photos posted to EyeEm, Instagram, 500px, Flickr or your own digital portfolio. You'll have 20 minutes with one reviewer to go through your shots for 1-on-1 insights. All you have to do is make sure you bring photos on your phone, laptop, or as prints.
You'll be able book your slot at the welcome area on the day of the festival!
Meet the Portfolio Reviewers

The Interactive Sessions

6:00 PM
Session #1: How to get discovered as a photographer today? 

In today's multi-faceted world of social media, influencers, self-publishing and self-promotion, making a career as a photographer is more challenging than ever. How can you make it work for you? Get the inside scoop on going global & join the discussion with Anna Dickson, Photo Lead, Google Content & Community Team (NYC).

7:00 PM
Session #2: What are visual trends today? 

Images are everywhere. How can you make your work stand out and develop an eye for the latest trends? Learn how to develop your creative vision and join the discussion with Jacqueline Bourke, Senior Manager, Creative Insights & Planning at Getty Images and EyeEm's creative researchers Xavier Antoinet & Brada Barassi.

The Gear

There’ll be plenty of new gear and gadgets for you to try out:

At the Getty Images booth:
Samsung VR headsets to experience 360° photography and VR
360° cameras to demo: Panono, Samsung Gear 360 and Ricoh Theta

At the Foto Meyer Professionals Desk:
Free check and clean: bring your Canon, Nikon or Sony DSLR and let the experts of Foto Meyer make your camera sensor crisp and clean again. First come first served!

At the exhibition opening & afterparty:
B&W instant photography by The Impossible Project
And lots more!


PART IV: The Exhibition, Awards Ceremony & Afterparty

New perspectives. International winners. One big party.
This is the moment. Be the first to see the finalist photos of The 2016 EyeEm Awards, the world's biggest photo competition with over 270.000 submissions from more than 38.000 photographers this year. The winners will be celebrated at the big EyeEm Awards ceremony starting at 9:30PM.
Hang, have a cocktail and dance 'til late.

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